The Metaverse

In the RPG live-action game, players navigate through a dystopian world as they attempt to earn income and contribute to causes to heal the world. Players level up as they achieve soccer-based challenges and defeat opposing players. As they level up, and progress, players earn SCSG tokens.

Real estate within the various scenes will be available to buy or rent in the NFT marketplace. These may include things as simple as billboard signage and stadium field signage, as well as places where players can interact with each other and conduct commerce (stores, stadiums, etc). The 'Green Pavillion' will serve as the homebase and central location of the SCSG Metaverse. Within the Green Pavillion, players will able to utilize banking, explore and purchase digital and physical items at various shops, as well as learn more about the NGOs we will partner with.

Players can also transport themselves to various cities around the world, from within the Green Pavillion. A giant, spinning globe will be at the center of the Green Pavillion, and players will simply tap on a highlighted city in order to travel there in game. Each city will have its own unique storyline and challenges. Adjacent to the Green Pavillion is the 'StarCard Sports Stadium' which will be home to all championship matches in the game, as well as a plaza full of various shops, restaurants, and bars. Furthermore, this area will allow musicans and artists to host and perform concerts at. Users can gather in Palla Plaza to watch their favorite artists perform, even if they are across the world. Another important location in our Metaverse is 'The Farm'. Here, players will be able to plant trees. The growing of these trees represent staking their SCSG tokens. Over time, these trees will grow, and players can come back to view how much their trees and their SCSG value has grown.

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