StarCard Sports


StarCard Sports Games (SCSG) is a play-to-earn blockchain game platform that leverages the Polygon Protocol. Play-to-Earn games have revolutionized the way we look at the gaming industry and allow games developers to create a new kind of game economy where their users can use their gaming skills to earn real-world money. The gaming community is huge; however, the earning opportunities were limited. Professional gamers are paid generously most of the time, but the everyday users, who had skills but did not belong to any particular gaming entity, were not able to monetize their skills. Even games developers could not look at games long term because the revenue was highly dependent on game sales instead of in-game economy. Moreover, in the world of sports, Football or Soccer has the biggest following. Football is a sport with equally strong communities in both developed and developing nations. In many parts of the world, Football is not just a sport. It’s a way of life. In countries where a majority of the population is struck by poverty, Football often emerges as a way of escape or a chance at a better life. We believe that this is the perfect area of application for Blockchain Gaming. Not only will it benefit gamers who want to monetize their skills, but it will also help the sporting communities in these developing nations and help them produce highly-skilled players. SCSG is a gaming platform, the first of its kind, that bridges the digital divide between real-life athletes at all levels. It is a data-driven platform that brings real-world data from the players’ human performances into RPG and managerial strategy style play-to-earn games. StarCard Sports goes beyond just delivering blockchain sports games, as it introduces the next generation of gaming economy that leverages blockchain and NFTs to bring value. StarCard Sports games is bringing some of football's greatest legends into its ecosystem. These legends will serve as brand ambassadors as they appear in New World Football Alliance and will be able to interact with their fans in new ways. SCSG introduces a Metaverse where NFTs represent real-world athletes at all levels, and their performance is recorded dynamically as attributes. Our blockchain ecosystem has several pillars, including an NFT marketplace where gamers can access NFTs and use these assets to compete with other players inside the SCSG Metaverse. The dynamically changing attributes of the NFTs aid in creating a gaming economy that promotes trading, which results in high volume and liquidity. Our platform also allows our native token holders to earn and grow through staking and farming directly on the platform. We chose the Polygon network for the project because StarCard Sports Games does not believe in crypto opportunities being a zero-sum game. Our platform is first and foremost an opportunity for everyone regardless of their background. Polygon is perfect for this because of the low cost of access, fast transaction speeds, high volume, and security.
The founding team is inspired by the power and transparency of blockchain technologies and their potential to empower people through decentralization and play-to-earn gaming. The StarCard Sports Games team is deeply committed to positive social change, as demonstrated by the founders' proven track records of supporting social impact projects. To this end, the team will contribute 1,000,000 tokens to the StarCard Foundation each year. The liquidation and burn of these tokens will be used to fund real world soccer playing opportunities for children around the world that can’t afford or don’t have access to the real world game of football. Once implemented, this annual burn will act as a deflationary measure that will serve to increase scarcity and value of SCSG. In addition, the "New World Football Alliance" game story revolves around efforts to heal the world from harm caused by global warming. The game itself has play-to-earn mechanics that direct a portion of all participants’ earnings toward real world environmental NGOs. Of course, SCSG will run on a tech stack that meets the highest possible ESG standards.
There will be two styles of play for the "New World Football Alliance". These are essentially two different games, but they will share player data and reside on one platform. One will be a managerial mode in which players assemble a team using NFT’s (player cards) representing various players on the TapIn platform or who have onboarded directly into the game. The other will be an RPG adventure style game with 3D avatars representing their human counterparts. Both game styles will deploy play-to-earn models through which players will be able to earn tokens and digital assets (NFTs). NFT’s representing Legends, apparel (shirts, sweatshirts, beanies, scarves, etc.) equipment and uniforms (balls, shin guards, cleats, etc.) and Metaverse real estate assets (stadiums, shops, billboards, etc) that can be monetized will be earned or purchased in game or in the adjoined SCSG NFT marketplace. StarCard Sports Games will enter into strategic partnerships to reach its target audience and drive revenue and user growth to these partners. Our initial partners include ARC, TapIn Mobile Solutions, Palla Sportswear, FanCentric, ICM Stellar, and Entourage Global. These partners will help us bring more users into the ecosystem and provide the valuable data that will be added to player avatars as NFT attributes. StarCard Sports Games will look to forge additional partnerships in its initial vertical (soccer) to drive awareness and adoption. SCSG will also look to forge partnerships in the Defi and GameFi spaces. In future years, SCSG will launch games in additional verticals, as well as entertainment and music events in its Metaverse.
On platform Defi mechanics:
StarCard Sports will incorporate Defi mechanics into its games and on its platform. A cornerstone of our vision and strategy is to make frictionless onboarding experiences. This may entail features including an on platform fiat on-ramp and in game staking and farming, on platform decentralized exchange capabilities for assets such as BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, MATIC, on platform NFT marketplace, and Metaverse interoperability to enable digital assets to be utilized on other platforms such as Decentraland and Sandbox.
StarCard Sports Games will enable these functions within fun and engaging game environments, enabling players with zero experience in Defi to earn and grow their assets while playing.