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Revenue Sharing for SCSG token holders

StarCard Sports Games plans to share 50% of its net revenue with staked SCSG token holders. With our Defi feature set, SCSG will earn small fees on all transactions. These revenues exist currently in all Defi ecosystems as users swap, buy, mint, stake, farm, etc. In addition, SCSG will earn revenues attributed to NFT asset sales and rentals in primary and secondary markets, Metaverse real estate sales, Metaverse entertainment ticket sales, advertising revenue, and physical product sales from brand partners. SCSG plans to share these associated revenues with holders that stake our governance and utility token.
Half of this net revenue will be retained by SCSG and used to continue development and promotion of our revolutionary games and platform, while the other half will be returned to holders that stake their SCSG tokens, in proportion to the number of tokens staked. For example, a token holder staking 1% of the token circulating supply would be entitled to receive 1% of the shared revenue, that is 0.5% of the total revenue. Quite simply, SCSG will provide passive income that holders can rely on.
We expect our revenue share to have positive price pressure of course. As the system volume and hence revenue builds up over time, purchasing and staking SCSG tokens to receive a steady flow of income will become a more and more attractive proposition to holders.
We expect the growth of SCSG platform usage and hence revenue to follow an exponential curve, a pattern that we are all familiar with from the events of the past couple of years. While this exponential curve may sound exciting at first, it is important to understand that a prerequisite for the eventual surge we’re all anticipating is an initial prolonged period of only incremental gains. Mass adoption relies on two main components — a fully developed product, and awareness (marketing) of said product. At this stage we are also not publishing any detailed forecasts.