StarCard Sports
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Managerial Style Game

The managerial style game, not unlike popular games, will allow players to assemble a team using NFTs (player cards) representing various players on the TapIn platform. Players can even onboard athletes directly into the game.
How it works
  • Create a profile on TapIn or the SCSG platform (free). The two platforms communicate with each other via API through an Oracle (i.e. Chainlink). Profile creation establishes a wallet for the user. This onboarding will not require KYC.
  • Customize your NFT player card (choose skins, add personal info, soccer info).
  • Purchase your NFT and set your contract rules (royalty, transfer fee, wages). The initial cost of the NFT is free if the real-life player has a TapIn Profile. If no TapIn profile exists, the NFT will cost 250 SCSG. Creating a profile on TapIn automatically creates an account (wallet) and NFT.
  • Users can borrow players (loan) to create a team and compete (add SCSG crypto to your wallet using our exchange or SCSG’ Fiat on platform on-ramp). Users who borrow player NFTs will pay “wages” in SCSG tokens to card (NFT) owners, or buy a player to own that NFT. Buying a player means buying the NFT. StarCard treasury collects a 7.5% royalty on all NFT purchases in perpetuity using smart contracts. NFT creators (original owners) also earn a 7.5% royalty in perpetuity each time their card is sold.
  • Challenge another player (invite a friend or randomly generated challenge) to a match.
  • Users can also enter a league with prizes, and league promotions for league winners.
  • Select a lineup from your players and play. Select 11 players and put them in a formation.
  • The system creates results using algorithms incorporating data/attributes (speed, technical ability, awareness, physical attributes, grit, experience, etc) of all of the participating players as well as a random element.
  • In other words, a weaker team randomly beats a better team 10% of the time if it is 10% weaker in terms of attributes. This simulates real-life soccer, where a weaker team “on paper” sometimes pulls an upset. This element of the StarCard Sports system creates suspense and drives interest, as a player isn't assured of winning or losing just based on his or her team composition’s attributes.
  • A Winning team goes up in the rankings, and a losing team goes down. Beat higher-ranked teams and earn more rewards in tokens. Beat a lower-ranked team and earn less. If a player challenges a much stronger team, he or she may be likely to lose, but if he or she wins, it pays off more.
  • Each attribute (eg: passing, shooting, agility, etc...) has a ranking from 1 to 100.