StarCard Sports
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The StarCard Sports Games team is comprised of experienced entrepreneurs that have launched and built publicly traded companies, as well as AAA game designers, developers, and artists that have built some of the most popular games in history. While there are founders and investors in the project that will own millions of the projects’ native tokens (SCSG), in time StarCard Sports will be governed by holders. SCSG tokens will ultimately serve as the project’s governance vehicle, as one token will represent one vote on platform development, future games, and overall strategy. The founders and team are committed to the long term success of the project, as proven by their decision to lock their tokens using an audited smart contract vesting schedule. Prior to launch and in its early stages, StarCard Sports will be led by technical entrepreneur, Steve Schechter, and a team of blockchain developers, game designers, and marketing experts. The members of the team and associated contact information will be public and accessible from the SCSG website -
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