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Aurora, a polar bear, is the official mascot of StarCard Sports Games and New World Football Alliance. She is a champion for social change, as she leads our community to fight climate change. She will always be near the entrance to the Green Pavillion, and she will often accompany players throughtout their in-game journey. She will also appear in game, challenging players to skill challenges. If players accept and complete these challenegs, Aurora will give them SCSG. For example, Aurora might say, "Let's see your juggling skills. Pull off an around the world skill move, and I'll give you 5 SCSG tokens." Furthermore, Aurora will serve as the game's navigator using voice and touch screen based commands. StarCard Sports Games will also be minting a series of Aurora NFTs, which will be sold with 10% of the proceeds going to each purchaser's choice of partner environmental NGOs.
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