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RPG Style Game

The RPG style game is an adventure-style game with 3D avatars representing their human counterparts. Both game styles will deploy play-to-earn models through which players will be able to earn tokens and digital assets (NFTs). NFTs representing equipment and uniforms (balls, shin guards, cleats) and stadiums (Metaverse assets that can be monetized) will be earned or purchased in the game, and also on the adjoined SCSG NFT marketplace. See more under 'Metaverse'.
How it works
  • Create a profile on TapIn or the SCSG platform (free). The two platforms communicate with each other via API through an Oracle (Chainlink). Profile creation establishes a wallet for the user.
  • Customize your player’s NFT card and avatar (choose skins, add personal info, soccer info).
  • The initial cost of the NFT is free. Creating a profile on TapIn will automatically creates an account and NFT for free.
  • Challenge other players (invite a friend or randomly generate a challenge) to play.
  • Users can also enter a league with prizes and league promotions for league winners.
  • In RPG mode, the player moves their player (avatar) using in-game controls to beat their opponents in mini games.
  • Players move through a fantasy future world (described below) with landscapes and 3D players and items. Players challenge others in mini games to earn SCSG tokens.
  • Players can travel to 16 iconic cities where these games and challenges take place (Metaverse and Facilities) where fans can attend, interact, and conduct commerce. Players can also use banking services by visiting the ARC Bank in the Green Pavilion. In addition, players can stake their tokens by planting a sapling at the Farm and can shop (NFT and real world products), attend concerts and events, and attend championship matches at the SCSG Stadium and Palla Plaza.
  • Players may purchase in-game power-ups to increment their attributes which will be in the form of NFTs. They can also include orders for identical physical products from partner football brand, Palla. As players defeat others, they earn SCSG tokens and accumulate NFTs.
  • Players may also buy NFTs from SCSG’ in-house NFT marketplace or through a partner NFT marketplace. As players earn SCSG, a portion of their earnings are automatically contributed to the partner NGO that they select during onboarding as part of their effort to heal the world (see game story below).
  • Players will also be able to interact and take on Legends Of Football for exciting prizes.