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StarCard Sports Games Whitepaper

Here you will find the latest version of the StarCard Sports Games Whitepaper - last updated July 27, 2022.
This document is intended to be a summary of the vision behind the StarCard Sports Games Project, and the possible direction it may take as it undergoes development. This document is directed towards the general (retail) as well as moderately technical audiences, who will possibly be the end-users of the SCSG ecosystem and holders of the associated SCSG token. This document will explain why the team took this direction of development for the project. This document is neither:
  • Technical documentation that might serve as a user-manual, specification, or any such document, formal or otherwise, or that might cover non-core aspects of the project such as APIs, bindings, languages, and usage; nor
  • An offering of a security interest in any seller of the StarCard Sports Games token or any member of the SCSG Project team, including the seller.
The SCSG Project is an ecosystem of NFT and game platforms, which combines gaming with an open NFT marketplace where users can earn rewards, create NFTs, and trade or rent native NFTs with other users. The SCSG Project runs on the larger ecosystem of the Polygon Network as a Layer 2 Blockchain for Ethereum. As the SCSG Project is in the development (pre-deployment) stage of its lifecycle, the parameters outlined in this document are subject to change from time to time, but the core ideology and vision behind the project will remain the same, unless and until the SCSG Project team decides to include newer features into the SCSG ecosystem.
Later on, in this document, you will be introduced to the native token of the SCSG ecosystem, the StarCard Sports Games Token (SCSG) (as further defined in this document), and how that token may function within different aspects of the ecosystem.
As the SCSG Project is coming together, the team may conduct a sale of SCSG tokens, enabling individuals to buy the tokens early, before the SCSG ecosphere has been commissioned. Such an offering, however, would not constitute an offer of an investment in the SCSG Project, or an expression of faith or confidence in, or reliance on, the SCSG Project team, and would not grant buyers of the SCSG token any ownership interest in the StarCard Sports Games project. Rather, SCSG token buyers would gain only ownership in the specific number of SCSG tokens that they buy in the sale. The SCSG token is a utility token and governance token, meaning that the tokens enable holders to participate in project governance based on their percentage of circulating tokens held. SCSG tokens have utility in SCSG games and ecosystem as described herein.
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