The Metaverse

The user starts in the City of Aurora at the 'Green Pavilion'. The 'Green Pavilion' will serve as the homebase and central location of the StarCard Metaverse. Within the Green Pavilion, players will be able to utilize banking, explore and purchase digital and physical items at various shops, as well as learn more about the NGOs we will partner with.

Adjacent to the Green Pavilion is the 'StarCard Metaverse Stadium' which will be home to all championship matches that make up part of the game, as well as a plaza full of various shops, restaurants, and bars. Furthermore, the stadium will allow musicians and artists to host and perform concerts. Users can gather in Palla Plaza to watch their favorite artists perform, even if they are across the world. We also aim to broadcast, from within the stadium, minor league sports matches from around the globe to give the teams of these leagues another revenue stream, and their fans more opportunity to see them play.


The SMV Stadium, Palla Plaza, and local bars will be capable of hosting a wide variety of events from all areas of entertainment. Access to these events will be available for purchase using the SMV token. These events may include:

  • Live streamed sporting events including usually untelevised events, giving these lower division leagues a stream of income as well as giving their fans the ability to watch all their games.

  • Performances from top tier comedy artists, and open mic nights for the up and coming stars.

  • TedTalk style events by people from all walks of life.

  • The SMV stadium will be capable of streaming music events to 10’s of thousands of people at once in a virtual environment.

  • Meet and greet events with some of sports greatest legends.

StarCard Metaverse has been in talks with Wasserman about bringing their clients, including ColdPlay, to the SMV Stadium within our Metaverse. We are also partnered with Stellar and Global Entourage who we are working with to bring the biggest legends in football into our metaverse. In 2022, we signed Roberto Carlos and Ashley Cole, and we aspire to sign additional legends including Wayne Rooney, Gigi Buffon and Gareth Bale in the future.

StarCard Metaverse University (SMVU)

Modeled after Dubai's 'Downtown Circle' and encircling the heart of Aurora City, is the SMV University, with multiple classrooms available to buy or rent. StarCard Metaverse will partner with a leading virtual classroom provider to provide a virtual learning platform for anyone to be able to monetize the teaching of their skills to an audience all around the globe.

Metaverse Real Estate

Real estate throughout the metaverse will be available to buy or rent in the NFT marketplace. These may include things as simple as stadium seats, billboard signage and stadium field signage, as well as large plots of land where owners may build anything of their choice to add to the ecosystem.

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