Progress to date:

  • Partnerships with Palla, TapIn, Greenfield, BlockchainX, CypherShield, Unicrypt, FanCentric

  • Team assembly

  • Development initiated of various assets including video game trailer, Metaverse preview video, initial NFTs

  • Development initiated of openworld Metaverse

  • Development initiated of Metaverse flagship game

  • StarCard Metaverse V1 website launched

  • Social channels created including Discord and Twitter

  • 4.8% of the supply was sold to seed investors at an average of $0.0075 and will be vested

  • Ongoing revision to White Paper and the StarCard Metaverse website

  • Launch of Discord community

What are we doing now?

We are currently working on plans for our IDO and dex launch and our first institutional fund raise to embark on the next phase of the StarCard Metaverse Project. Once funding targets have been met, expect delivery of the product to ramp up quickly! See below for how things will go once funding is secured:

Funds raised:

  • TGE, IDO, and DEX launch

4-6 months from fundraise:

  • Ongoing marketing efforts

  • Metaverse footage trailer complete and released

  • Continued metaverse development

5-7 months from fundraise

  • Metaverse plot and NFT sales begin

  • Staking live

  • Pre-Alpha of the StarCard Metaverse released which will include the following functionality:

    • Full character creation customisation

    • The ability to navigate the city of Aurora including the Green Pavilion, Stadium, Plaza, Practice field, MadFern’s Pub

    • Multiplayer communications (1 on 1, as well as groups). Text as well as auditory

    • Penalty kick shootout mini game

    • Football Tennis mini game

    • StarCard Calcio first alpha release of main game (3v3 in smaller area)

  • Development of metaverse game teaser trailer underway

  • Development initiated of website "Defi Dashboard" to show the following data points in real time:

    • Token Price

    • Token trade volume

    • NFT sales

    • Daily users and their collective earnings

8-12 months out from fundraise

  • First release of metaverse game launched.

  • Beta dashboard release showing user stats

  • First live events

12 months +

  • Monthly releases of metaverse expansion

  • Legends

  • SMVU Classes

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