StarCard Metaverse is an open world platform where users can play-to-earn, socialise, learn, and attend live events. StarCard Metaverse is THE virtual world for Sports and Entertainment enthusiasts.


StarCard Metaverse is building open-world Metaverse games, beginning with ‘New World Football Alliance’ which will be a collection of football related games situated in the metaverse. These titles, along with a variety of mini-games, will enable players to compete and earn SMV tokens within our Metaverse ecosystem.


StarCard Metaverse will host a broad array of sports and entertainment, (live and recorded) events. Whether it be live-streamed sporting events, open-mic comedy nights, TedTalk style events, indie artist performances, or major global artists performing in front of 100,000 fans in the SMV Stadium, StarCard Metaverse will be the ultimate place for fans, artists, and athletes to engage with each other.


Users will have a multitude of options when it comes to socialising in the StarCard Metaverse. Head down to a local sports bar for some traditional bar games, or a singles dating event. Or head to the local bowling alley to get some friendly rivalry going over a game of ten pin bowling.


SMVU (StarCard Metaverse University) will be situated within the city of Aurora, and it will offer educators, students, and entrepreneurs opportunities to teach, learn, and earn income through virtual classes.

What makes StarCard Metaverse Different

  • More graphically advanced than other metaverses

  • Solid tokenomics with no endlessly inflating token supply

  • No empty barren wastelands - buildings will be built and people just need to customise the interior to their needs

  • Built-in potential revenue for plot holders

  • Games that have more depth and are more fun to play

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