SMV - The Token

SMV will be the utility token that powers the StarCard Metaverse.

The token will be used as currency for various metaverse related activities, including purchasing from businesses around the metaverse, buying cosmetic items, and training your character in the gym, as well as staking to earn more tokens. SMV will also be the reward token for the play-to-earn aspect of the games within the metaverse.

The largest section of the supply (over 50%) has been allocated to incentives. These include game rewards for the play-to-earn games, staking rewards, and giveaways.

The tokenomics have been designed with vesting schedules that will spread out the increases in circulating supply to avoid large amounts entering the supply over a short time and to aid in the long term success of the project.

'Cliffs have been added to all seed and team token holders, with the longest being for the team (12 month cliff then 24 month vesting). All cliffs are tied to start at any dex launch that takes place, and will ensure at the time of the dex launch there is virtually no circulating supply except for tokens purchased during the IDO. There will be a very minimal increase to circulating supply in the months following token launch, with only a very small number of seed round and giveaway tokens coming in to circulation. The total circulating supply on Dex launch will be 12.3% and only 18.3% after 12 months.'

​In the future SMV will conduct regular token replenishments to the incentives pool.

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